Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


Analyses, text-books, lectures are not the powers with the young mind.

Analyses show that the fruit of the species is deficient in sugar and acid.

Analyses and commentaries have been multiplied, but they kill the spirit by taking it in detail.

Analyses of the halberd blades show that the metal of which they are composed does not differ much from that of the copper celts.

Analyses of these hybrid stocks show remarkable similarities to the mongrel chaos of the declining Roman Empire.

Analyses of atmospheric samples indicate the level of noxious content rising at a steady rate.

Analyses have been made of Mayinit salt as prepared by the crude method of the Igorot.

Analyses usually, however, show the presence of more iron, owing to the intimate admixture of iron-pyrites.

Analyses of this compound show that it is composed of one part by weight of hydrogen and 4.66 parts by weight of nitrogen.

Analyses of contents from stomachs gave approximately the same results as those from intestines.


1580s, "resolution of anything complex into simple elements" (opposite of synthesis), from Medieval Latin analysis (15c.), from Greek analysis "a breaking up, a loosening, releasing," noun of action from analyein "unloose, release, set free; to loose a ship from its moorings," in Aristotle, "to analyze," from ana "up, throughout" (see ana-) + lysis "a loosening," from lyein "to unfasten" (see lose). Psychological sense is from 1890. Phrase in the final (or last) analysis (1844), translates French en dernière analyse.