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Every squish of flesh when you turn your blade will be heard from the controller’s speakers, all timed perfectly to your on-screen action.
But, if we were to throwback to 27 years ago, the choices were far and few when it came to seeing us on screen and not having been added in as an afterthought.
As for his refusal to look at anyone’s screens, that’s a barrier to sharing and bonding, yes — but so is the attention to phones that produces the awareness of things you want to show him.
She was staring at the screen with her little hand up trying to get the teacher’s attention.
The Round-Up Saloon has a country-western theme with a dance floor and video screens.
YouTube already shares creative guidelines with advertisers, but the forthcoming insights will be able to concentrate specifically on the TV screen.
ACR helps marketers and other stakeholders to understand the content being consumed behind the TV screen by matching small samples of content against comprehensive libraries of content.
Meanwhile, Instagram is raising the profile of Reels within its app by adding a Reels tab on its home screen.
Calm, the meditation and relaxation app, purchased a sponsorship with CNN, giving it prime placing on the screen throughout the network’s election coverage.
She sat in front of a screen, not entirely sure what was going on, and then Taylor Swift’s face appeared.


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