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Slamming the door or setting an alarm clock was a cardinal sin so wakeups were conducted by a junior sailor who gently coaxed you awake when it was time to stand watch.

The 17-by-21-inch framed print from the San Francisco artist and co-owner of Lost Art Salon was inspired by stories of sailors using the sun, moon and stars to guide them.

Before the invention of GPS technology, sailors crossing the globe relied on a combination of complex mechanical instruments and accurate timepieces.

Fred Fourie, marine robotics engineerMilitary spending is a key driver for this technology, since monitoring the world’s oceans without having to carry sailors could be a game-changing proposition for the Navy.

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Rum was served daily to the sailors as a long-standing tradition of the Navy.

From Fortune

My dad was a sailor, and all through my childhood he was away half of the time at sea, and to an extent I have a similar job.

Throughout the years it has also served as a sailor tavern and a high-end restaurant.

Many Sailor Moon story arcs, in the comics and on television, end with the Sailor Senshi dying and being reborn.

Sailor Moon Crystal is expected to wrap up its initial storylines by the end of the year.

Still, Sailor Moon fans are always ravenous for new content, especially after such a long time away.

The Goblin stared about him in a dazed manner for a moment, and then said, "Sindbad the Sailor's house."

In reality he was annoyed at having old Monsieur Farival, who considered himself the better sailor of the two.

Sea-faring men seldom take snuff: a sailor with a snuff-box is as rarely to be met with as a sailor without a knife.

The solo voice of the Nubian sailor was lost in the chorus of voices which came floating over the Nile.

Marryat gives us in “Peter Simple” a vivid and convincing picture of the sailor going to Portsmouth to rejoin his ship.


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