Antonyms for sacrifices

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He then went on to recount her labors and sacrifices in behalf of her race.

She is quite worthy—more than worthy—of the sacrifices I have made.

(With some sacrifices, our mothers would say,) Our glorious Independence!

The only question is: How can we achieve this with the least sacrifices?

Only from the poets, who acknowledge that they may be appeased by sacrifices.

To be sure, he answered, and went away laughing to the sacrifices.

Her struggles, her sacrifices, her failures, were almost vividly portrayed.

Next, with the help of the Delphian Oracle, we will appoint festivals and sacrifices.

His fights and sacrifices for others were finished, over and done with.

As Samoval so truly said, the mob is a ferocious god to whom sacrifices must be made.


late 13c., "offering of something (especially a life) to a deity as an act of propitiation or homage;" mid-14c., "that which is offered in sacrifice," from Old French sacrifise "sacrifice, offering" (12c.), from Latin sacrificium, from sacrificus "performing priestly functions or sacrifices," from sacra "sacred rites" (properly neuter plural of sacer "sacred;" see sacred) + root of facere "to do, perform" (see factitious).

Latin sacrificium is glossed in Old English by ansegdniss. Sense of "act of giving up one thing for another; something given up for the sake of another" is first recorded 1590s. Baseball sense first attested 1880.