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[ rahy-vuhl ]SEE DEFINITION OF rivaled

Synonyms for rivaled

  • emulate
  • equal
  • resemble
  • amount
  • approach
  • approximate
  • compete
  • contend
  • contest
  • correspond
  • match
  • meet
  • near
  • partake
  • tie
  • touch
  • bear comparison with
  • come near to
  • come up to
  • compare with
  • go after
  • go for
  • jockey for position
  • measure up to
  • rivalize
  • scramble for
  • seek to displace
  • vie with

Antonyms for rivaled

  • disconnect
  • give up
  • leave
  • aid
  • assist
  • cooperate
  • help
  • support
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


Nothing could have been so totally different from Muriel's masquerade, yet it rivaled it in fun.

No one of American birth has ever rivaled him in this field.

Up from them lifted a fragrance that rivaled even that of orris root.

We visited other temples and tombs, but the Katub Minar rivaled them all in interest.

At night they lay upon beds that rivaled the couches of kings.

He was a pupil of Rembrant, whom he rivaled in merit and popularity.

The architects and clergy have there rivaled each other in bad taste.

But Starbuck seems to have rivaled Dayton in disasters by fire.

You have rivaled the renown of the immortal generals of antiquity.

They all rivaled in ill-using him, in bringing him into discredit.


1570s, from Latin rivalis "a rival, adversary in love; neighbor," originally, "of the same brook," from rivus "brook" (see rivulet). "One who is in pursuit of the same object as another." The sense evolution seems to be based on the competitiveness of neighbors: "one who uses the same stream," or "one on the opposite side of the stream" A secondary sense in Latin and sometimes in English was "associate, companion in duty," from the notion of "one having a common right or privilege with another." As an adjective 1580s from the noun.