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adjective as in politically conservative

noun as in politically conservative faction

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Example Sentences

Either way, both coalition options will be anchored by the right wing, new or old.

From Time

In response, the right wing fought to bring the settlement project from the fringes into mainstream consensus in Israel.

From Time

This has long been a tension point between environmental groups and labor, often exploited by the right wing.

From Vox

Last year under Ben Olsen, Gressel played primarily in his natural position on the right wing.

She fell prey to the false and inflammatory claims of the former president, his supporters, and the right wing media.

To borrow an old right-wing talking point, these people are angry no matter what we do.

Limbaugh makes comments like this because his right-wing fans require a non–stop diet of race-baiting red meat.

In other words, this is a very small vast-right-wing-conspiracy.

There is no such thing as a gay lifestyle, except in right-wing propaganda to oppose LGBT equality.

If you Google “Muslim Christmas tree star” you will see a list of right-wing websites wetting their pants over this.

It is about two miles from Jericho crossing to the railroad, the point for which the right wing was aiming.

His right wing was stationed in the rear of the hamlet of Heinrichsdorf, his left rested on a forest known as the Sortlack.

Despite the fiercest fighting, it was impossible to drive them out of part of the second position on the right wing.

Rosecrans had divided his army into right wing, centre and left wing,—for convenience designated as corps.

The whole right wing of the army had been driven back several miles, to the Nashville Pike.


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