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Every once in a while you might get a notification just to remind you the system is still running.

Both are classy, sophisticated bubblies that remind us that these are at heart really good wines.

“The Malevolent Volume” reminds us that poetry can be playful and deadly serious in the same moment.

Morales said the child has been late to outdoor weekend programs Bancroft offers, so the school registrar called him Wednesday morning, reminding him to get up and go to school.

For some reason, looking at that sword reminded me that John had said Space Force officers are now eligible for membership in the Army and Navy Club.

“That is a fact we are certainly going to be reminding Democrats about,” Angelo said.

Some of the marchers began to chant at the anarchists, reminding them that the movement is bigger than them.

“I believe that the issues confronting us cross party lines,” he said, reminding the audience of his history as a Democrat.

“This is not cool,” growls Flash, reminding teens that this show will be about more than making out.

History kept going, and it keeps reminding us that some things never change.

Heard near by, this note is very sharp, reminding one of the sound made by the breaking of glass.

I want the horror at our house forgotten, and they keep reminding me that the law does not sleep.

Then it whitened the sundial lawn, reminding us to take the wooden dial post in for the winter.

But they brought her up sharp with the sight of the little scar, white on her wrist, reminding her of Owen.

Susannah was well used to reminding her aunt of things that lady knew perfectly well.


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