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The spasm continues for only a few minutes, when it relaxes and another occurs in a short time.

Special Report on Diseases of CattleU.S. Department of Agriculture

He knows that his chances are gone if in any point or on any occasion he relaxes the rigour of the discipline.

He relaxes completely as a sleeping cat, but he's wide awake.

The Pirates of ShanHarold Leland Goodwin

They say he's an old mutineer, and when he relaxes he boasts of the Sahibs he has killed.

From Sea to SeaRudyard Kipling

Your cheerfulness embellishes you, and relaxes your nerves, which are too highly strung.

Women of Modern France (Illustrated)Hugo Paul Thieme (1870-1940)

When a bird wishes to unloose its hold, it simply rises on its feet and relaxes the tendons.

Our Bird ComradesLeander S. (Leander Sylvester) Keyser

Pierre's anxiety becomes so great that he relaxes habitual craft of a lifetime in his solicitude for Paul's safety.

Oswald LangdonCarson Jay Lee

Woods frowns, squares his shoulders, glances at the Deputy, and then relaxes into a dignified smile.

Shopping freshens one up, relaxes one's mind, makes one more keen for the next bit of rumor that comes along.

Peking DustEllen N. La Motte

Tramping around out here is all right for a while, it relaxes you and keeps you in touch with things; but meanwhile, time flies.

Ripeness is AllJesse Roarke


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