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It reflects itself in the improved social condition of the people—a result, of course, not wholly due to it.

Switzerland reflects most faithfully the feudal and political condition of the empire at large.

An importunate, living thought is framed in a perfect phrase which reflects the life of the thought.

Has there anything been found in the way of evidence, we ask, which reflects upon the truth of the story in S. Luke?

Our Lady Saint MaryJ. G. H. Barry

The Nemorian lake, with its crystal-clear waters, reflects the faces 126of those that look into it, and fills a deep basin.

To Cornelius Agrippa it is the air that reflects, but the air is something more than what the word means for us.

And he reflects that Jones or Jackson may cut a dash among strangers, but he mustn't try it on with people who know him at home.

Mushroom TownOliver Onions

Her very reason of warring with the Borgias reflects greatly on her credit.

More than that, it reflects the greatest credit upon the skill of our detectives and police officials.

It reflects such importance to know some one that had come in intimate contact with the Iron King; why, into his very presence!


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