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The only reference to the service I offer is my email signature that links to a sales page.

This leads you to want to get paid even more money, and so you become hyper-focused on the incentive and your reference points start to change.

For reference, It can charge an iPhone 11 just under 5 times in one charge.

Power banks to keep you in chargePopSci Commerce TeamOctober 28, 2020Popular Science

Readers who are very familiar with tech are going to recognize where these references come from.

Initially, the post included an explicit reference to Jones having a same-sex partner, but that has since been removed.

In some cases, the NCAA allowed nondiscriminatory monikers to remain as long as all references to Indigenous people and their traditions were removed.

A throwaway reference to pizza included in one of Podesta’s emails led to a bizarre conspiracy theory about child trafficking that then evolved into the mega-conspiracy QAnon.

For instance, the “Q” account at the center of the conspiracy theory recently instructed followers to “camouflage” themselves online and drop references to “Q” or “QAnon” in order to avoid bans targeting those keywords.

The draft’s wording included a reference to aerosols — tiny droplets that can stay in the air, potentially traveling a significant distance.

At its reference price, Asana would be valued at $4 billion, while other direct-listing initiates were valued as decacorns prior to their debuts—testing the old adage that companies that go public via direct listing need to be a well-known brand.

It’s direct listing dayLucinda ShenSeptember 30, 2020Fortune
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