[ pred-uh-ter, -tawr ]SEE DEFINITION OF predators

Synonyms for predators

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And other things came to prey on the predators in their turn.

But men were not yet established in their own minds as predators.

By the Universal Motivator, these predators had eaten a hurkle apiece!

Causes of amputation are discussed in the section on predators.

There were predators in the Park, and he had only an improvised club for a weapon.

Both fish and plankton are consumed by humpback whales as well as by other predators.

The loud, continuous song of the male during nestbuilding alerts cowbirds and predators to the presence of a nest.

He'd carried his rifle because there was always a chance of seeing a fox or bobcat, predators upon which there was a bounty.

If the fissures were the dens of predators, at least some and probably many of the bones would show tooth marks.

The total effect of predators and parasites in limiting natural populations of cockroaches remains to be determined.