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His lips seemed to move—was he praying, or thinking half aloud?

But isn't it a strange idea to have dancing, praying, and feasting in the same place?

Our Little Japanese CousinMary Hazelton Wade

He repeats the responses very loudly in church, and is emphatical in praying for the king and royal family.

Bracebridge HallWashington Irving

She sat down by Lark, glad she had done it, glad it was over, and praying that Lark would come off as well.

Prudence Says SoEthel Hueston

For mothers and wives are praying to-night— O Lord of our destiny!

Now and again he looks at her and smiles, and she is praying softly to herself.

My New CurateP.A. Sheehan

Four Vestals were praying that Almo be saved, each praying not only with her lips but with every fibre of her being.

The Unwilling VestalEdward Lucas White

When they looked again he was on his knees and his bowed head showed that he was praying.

For what is the answer to prayer which the praying heart looks for?

In Answer to PrayerW. Boyd Carpenter

Depend upon it, we shall hear more of this Englishman, and of his doing something else than praying at the Holy Sepulchre.'

TancredBenjamin Disraeli


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