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She attended arbitration hearings with the club’s resident baseball lifer, a man named Jack Gould who kept an unlit cigar in his mouth and possessed no filter when it came to speaking his mind.

Female performers have always possessed all those things, and now more than ever use them, along with their drive and style and image, to fight political oppression, climate change, domestic violence, racial and sexual injustice.

Purpose, the thing so many of us have felt without this year, I suddenly possessed.

From Eater

Strutting about his Turkeydom he is the object of fear, but lying calmly there on the Thanksgiving day dinner table, robbed of his plumes, unwattled, bound fast and beheaded, love only possesses the breasts of all who regard him.

The law requires that voters have government-issued identification to vote, with no other options for those who do not possess one.

The sharply tailored blazer and weighty jewelry that cling to her body hints at the dominant personality she possesses.

Sharpton would later emphasize to The Daily Beast that he neither possesses nor desires such power.

It possesses the power to both humanize and demonize minority groups.

ISIS forces had come so close to Erbil that the city was in range of the Howitzer artillery cannons that ISIS possesses.

In short, jazz now possesses a prestige unprecedented in its long history.

Inclusion, as applied to the events of life possesses the same variety as in regard to words.

And then at last the Pupil if he possesses a first-rate cramming memory might answer questions on it.

This instrument possesses in an eminent degree the admirable qualities of the Amati tone, with also considerable power.

It possesses, however, one advantage; it warns the foot passenger, and affords him time to get out of the way.

Neither the model, the wood, nor the varnish possesses much verisimilitude at different periods of his career.


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