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The victories were portrayed at the time as a potential sea change in the world of Alaska politics, where more than 57% of registered voters have declined to publicly choose a party but Republicans win most statewide races.

He hopes to do so by portraying himself as a fresh face who can bring change, and to define Peters as unacceptable in some way.

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She is portrayed staring longingly at children attending a school at which she is paid to perform, but which she can’t afford to attend.

Republicans, meanwhile, tried to turn the tables on Democrats and portray them as partisan actors bent on painting a qualified nominee as a political hack.

The campaigns have signaled that they do not want to risk being portrayed as afraid to show up for a debate, concerned it could be cast as a sign of weakness.

Were you playing up or, on the flip side, shying away from portraying a romantic attraction?

Or one portraying the former KGB officer as a superhero surrounded by doves?

There's a huge difference between portraying these young women as relatable and making them seem unremarkable.

Do you feel they did an ample job of portraying his troubled later years—in particular, the violence towards women?

What goes into portraying one of the most terrifying villains on TV?

Then they both looked at another miniature portraying him riding one lamb, while he was decking another with ribbons.

Was it necessary to glorify his acts, then it was done by portraying him as Cyrus or Alexander.

We have studiously avoided portraying fashionable life according to the vulgar notions, whether depreciatory or panegyrical.

He is not experimenting; he is not speaking of theories; he is portraying to us what was his everyday life.

For a long time they continued to be favourite secondary themes, introduced in portraying the destiny of heroes.


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