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In this duopolistic business model, polarization is a feature, not a bug.

Furthermore, FiveThirtyEight’s version of a fundamentals model actually shows the race as a tie — it expects the race to tighten given the high polarization and projected economic improvement between now and November.

There aren’t many undecided voters, there are no major third-party candidates, polarization has been high and polls have been stable.

Instead, they point to the political polarization evident in public opinion on Portland as indicative of the danger we’re in.

One method, pioneered by the English scientist Michael Faraday back in 1845, detects a magnetic field from the way it rotates the polarization direction of light passing through it.

The astronomers found that of the 93 quasars in the sample, 19 exhibited a measurable amount of polarization.

The direction of polarization for a quasar is determined by the accretion disk surrounding it.

The authors took care to eliminate the possibility of other sources of polarization, which is always a concern in astronomy.

But it does serve to demonstrate the remarkable political polarization in the United States.

Much of that hard-fought cohesion is being undermined by leaders now using ethnic polarization as a force to mobilize.

It behaves the same as glucose with all the ordinary tests, and can be distinguished only by polarization.

Readings are made three or four seconds after each dilution, when the polarization has been fully established.

The conclusion that light waves are transverse is therefore based upon the phenomenon of the polarization of light.

The government standard for molasses is 56 degrees polarization.

It derives its name from the circumstance that it turns, more than any other body, the plane of polarization to the right hand.


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