Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


"He attacked me like the low ruffian that he is," pleaded Halbert, in extenuation.

"And do say something cheerful, dear," pleaded Avice, at parting.

"Girls, if you only knew how terribly this embarrasses me," pleaded Grace.

He pleaded eloquently for the retention of the small boroughs.

Carlotta Harrison pleaded a headache, and was excused from the operating-room and from prayers.

The nurses' rooms were subject to inspection, and she had pleaded a headache.

"Let me help," pleaded Mrs. Porter, speaking for the first time.

She listened patiently while he pleaded his cause with much mastery.

"I've an aversion to your eloquent old heathen," she pleaded.

"Don't send Mom Beck with me," she pleaded, when the time came to start.


mid-13c., "make a plea in court," from Anglo-French pleder, Old French plaidier, "plead at court" (11c.), from Medieval Latin placitare, from Late Latin placitum (see plea). Sense of "request, beg" first recorded late 14c. Related: Pleaded; pleading; pleadingly.