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The curriculum includes medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and mock visits.

From Fortune

You don’t need to know much about the world’s tallest mountain or high-altitude physiology to appreciate how difficult—and occasionally deadly—climbing above 8,000 meters can be, even with canned oxygen and lots of help.

I was excited to dig in and figure out what all the pieces would reveal about my physiology.

On the home screen, you can swipe through a few slides and read how hormonal fluctuations may affect your physiology, training, and nutrition.

The largest and most consistent brain sex difference has been found in the hypothalamus, a small structure that regulates reproductive physiology and behavior.

Experts hailed from disciplines such as agronomy, exercise physiology, endocrinology, metabolomics, and rheology, among others.

For example, did you know that our gut physiology actually mirrors what happens in the soil?

Journal of Physiology, 2011, doi: 10.1113/jphysiol.2011.20992.

But I then had to understand it all and studied the physiology of alcoholism.

A French physiology team found that toddlers prefer smells they were exposed to in the first weeks of life.

Physiology has demonstrated that the impression is transmitted from the finger-tip to the brain by means of the nervous system.

The animal body is not a test-tube and, in it, the laws of physics are modified by those of physiology.

They ridicule the Brachmanes as boasters and fools for occupying themselves with physiology and astronomy.

Neither physiology nor hygiene can be of much value in the schools, as a study, unless there is an application of what is taught.

The relations, indeed, of that science to the science of physiology must never be overlooked or undervalued.


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