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noun as in something known through senses

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Eventually, Collins wrote a best-selling book of his own, The Language of God, in which he uses scientific phenomena as evidence of a Deity.

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You can’t describe the interesting phenomena of the world if you just start with Coulomb’s law and the Schrödinger equation.

No sooner had the radical equations of quantum mechanics been discovered than physicists identified one of the strangest phenomena the theory allows.

In the late 1980s, a mathematician named Andreas Floer developed a theory called Floer homology, a powerful framework that is now the primary way mathematicians investigate symplectic phenomena.

Another quantum phenomena called entanglement makes it possible to link many of these qubits together.

One of the most romantic—and, some would say, unrealistic—phenomena of American culture is the concept of “the one.”

Much of this shift reflects the social phenomena of inheritors in general.

Two 20th-century phenomena, occurring in quick succession, are the culprits.

That law governs all sorts of phenomena, including rocket engines, collisions between electrons, and car wrecks.

Comic-Con is now a huge pop culture phenomena and major money maker for San Diego.

The particular phenomena of vegetation also afford abundant evidence that humus cannot be the only source of carbon.

First of all comes astronomy, including the phenomena exhibited in the heavens, beyond the limits of the earth's atmosphere.

The reader will therefore, I am sure, bear with me if I make two or three silly suggestions upon this phenomena of moving tables.

At first geologists were disposed to attribute all the phenomena of mountain-folding to the progressive cooling of the earth.

Look beyond the phenomena of uplifted mountain-masses, deep-scooped ocean basins, forest-laying tempests and land-consuming waves.


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