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  • The pekoe is a particular kind of tea-shrub, the leaves of which are all black on the one side, and all white on the other.

  • This changes the quality of the pekoe, for these leaves being scarcely formed, can have very little sap or flavour.

  • "The condemned man ate a hearty tea of Orange pekoe and cress sandwiches," he reflected silently.

    The Palace of Darkened Windows | Mary Hastings Bradley
  • But here he had to choose intelligently among orange pekoe, oolong, Ceylon, and English-breakfast teas.

    The Innocents | Sinclair Lewis
  • Tea gathered exclusively from buds and tips is called "flowery;" if the first young leaf be included, it is "orange pekoe."

    East of Suez | Frederic Courtland Penfield

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