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noun as in nonruminant hoofed mammal

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In the mid-19th century, the British anatomist Richard Owen modeled dinosaurs on pachyderms such as the elephant, whereas early American paleontologists looked to the kangaroo as an anatomical guide.

Other than aquatic animals, he notes, few creatures other than pachyderms suck up food using something other than simple lung power.

Whether or not it’s possible to teach an old elephant new tricks, a 34-year-old pachyderm at Zoo Atlanta has recently taught researchers a thing or two about how elephants suck up food and water with their trunks.

O’Connell’s studies of the elephants at Etosha National Park in Namibia have spanned 30 years and make for delightful pachyderm stories, while at the same time a strength of the book is the variety of animals she includes.

His keepers fed the beast copious amounts of port, Champagne, and whiskey to pacify the persnickety pachyderm.

The fuzzy pachyderm figured out how to use her trunk to grab stuff in the first week.

Occasionally he paused at the clink clink of the elephant irons or at the "whuff" as the uneasy pachyderm poured dust on his head.

They were passing on silent as spectres, the tread of the ponderous pachyderm being noiseless as that of a cat.

In the first place, it is evident that we may dismiss from our minds the idea that the Behemoth was an extinct pachyderm.

He had friends—yes, and they held him high—but seeming and report held him pachyderm, and they trod upon his heart.

Their puny pen pricks have about the same effect as mosquito bites on the pachyderm.


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