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adjective as in coinciding

adjective as in covering and coinciding

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They plan to update the model’s training process to penalize such overlap so it learns to avoid repetition over time.

On police reform and the stuff that was in our George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, there was a ton of overlap back in June.

He went further, analyzing 400 languages spread across continents and millennia and proved that the overlap between some of them was too extensive to be an accident.

If you see a competitor suddenly having a high overlap rate when they haven’t in the past, you know that they’ve likely scaled up their budget.

Often overlooked amid Facebook’s crowded conversations, Instagram’s glossy imagery and Twitter’s fire hose of news, YouTube and other video sites have typically been regarded as niche online properties with little overlap in American debate.

There are many overlapping and interwoven conflicts in the Middle East, where the enemy of your enemy may still be your enemy.

The NCF has multiple overlapping legal entities and holding companies, but at the core is a huge donor-advised fund.

Overlapping coalitions of Arabs, Muslims and the developing world, he said, ensures Israel will always be under unique scrutiny.

The author of more than forty books, Jerome Charyn is known in various, not always overlapping reading communities.

What remains for them to do—whether overlapping, concurring or contradicting—is to speak.

This overlapping and duplication has, as we have elsewhere indicated, already gone very far.

On the outside of these were nailed horizontally boards, 10 or 12 inches wide, overlapping each other.

Where colonies changed hands several times, stars of appropriate colors can be pasted overlapping one another.

Her face, under an ornate black hat, was like a great rose full of overlapping curves of florid flesh.

How did the ancient method return, overlapping and blent with the method of cremation, as in the early Dipylon interments?


On this page you'll find 11 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to overlapping, such as: extending, overlying, projecting, protruding, coincidental, and super-imposed.

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