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adjective as in circling

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“This mission represents the initiation of a Dragon in orbit continuously, knocking on wood,” Shotwell said, according to The Verge.

The more planets a system has, the more circular their orbits, no matter where you look or what kind of star they orbit.

Axiom Space has signed three private astronauts to join former NASA astronaut Michael López-Alegría on Ax-1, the first private mission into orbit and to the International Space Station.

These were giants like Jupiter, hotter than Venus, tearing around their suns inside the orbit of Mercury.

Most studies figure this out by gauging the distance of an exoplanet from its host star and whether its orbit is not too close and not too far—the so-called Goldilocks zone.

The authors of the new study used data from the Cassini probe orbiting Saturn to measure the libration of Mimas.

Exoplanet astronomy—the search for planets orbiting other stars—has two major goals.

Obviously this method is most useful for very massive planets orbiting close to the host star.

As we learn about exoplanets orbiting distant stars, those two basic categories seem to hold.

Imagine, though, a Saturn-mass exoplanet with a Titan-sized moon orbiting its star within the habitable zone.

Dane rode out the orbiting in the Com-tech's seat, listening in for the first warning of danger—that they had been detected.

The ship swung down into the cloud layer; floating wisps of gray vapor streamed past the orbiting Cavour.

He might have time to collect all the orbiting cargo before he got dangerously close to spillthrough.

Later they had sent strange samples of the animal life of their planet, aboard orbiting missiles, to be studied by the Swifts.

The Cluster Queen was drawing up to the last orbiting crate.


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