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noun as in one who eats all foods

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  • nosher
  • picnicker

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Example Sentences

This recipe was designed for omnivores and vegetarians, though, if you make it with cauliflower, it’s actually vegan.

The data reveal that while the diet of the Shasta ground slothwas exclusively plant-based, Darwin’s ground sloth was an omnivore, Tejada and colleagues report October 7 in Scientific Reports.

In just a few years, they have used their culinary chops to win over new customers and entice even the most ravenous omnivores.

Their fossilized teeth don’t appear to be specialized for dining on flesh or plants, and they may have been omnivores.

Beasts were proliferating through the world’s warm forests, diversifying into new forms of herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores.

George “The Reaper” Foyet (“Omnivore”)  “The Reaper” made for perhaps the most emotionally draining episode of Criminal Minds yet.

It didn't wipe out the still more primitive ancestor of the omnivore, because it could adapt to changing conditions.

The interlude with the omnivore provided him with one answer.

He sat until it was dark and the omnivore resumed its normal activity.

I guess it could be called an omnivore—now that our clothing is handy, it eats that, too.

All this might happen—did happen—within a span covered by the lifetime of a single omnivore.


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