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If supercooled water has a critical point, that could indicate that the water experienced in daily life is strange because, under typical pressures and temperatures, it is a supercritical liquid — a weird state that occurs beyond a critical point.

Six of these extinctions occurred simultaneously throughout their geographic range immediately following magnetic reversals.

This kind of behavior does occur outside the lab, says Jaap de Roode, a biologist at Emory University in Atlanta who wasn’t involved in the research.

The finding, reported online November 18 in Biology Letters, potentially illustrates that “island dwarfism,” where animals evolve to be much smaller after settling on an island, can occur over very short timescales.

One possible culprit was an environmental crisis that occurred toward the end of the Early Jurassic, an episode of global warming and ocean acidification that led to a series of species extinctions, particularly in the oceans but also on land.

A consortium of researchers from across the country are already studying the mutations occurring in the virus.

In this installment of Model Talk on the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, editor-in-chief Nate Silver and Galen Druke discuss the polling error in the 2020 election and why it may have occurred.

The temperature change in the materials was comparable to those that occur in the hydrofluorocarbons that drive cooling in standard air conditioning systems and refrigerators.

Contact tracing shows much of the spread is occurring during social and family gatherings.

A 29-year-old man was arrested and charged with destruction of property that occurred at this location.


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