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noun as in someone who blocks progress

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The absence of Sinema is almost metaphorical as she has become the target of ire for progressives who view her as an obstructionist to their agenda in the Senate.

By lowering the costs of obstruction, the rule change gave birth to the “silent” filibuster, laying bare the obstructionist tactic for what it is.

If Democrats are getting small businesses and families things that they need and Republicans are obstructionists, I think that Democrats could buck the historical trend.

It promotes irrational, obstructionist politics and increases the divide between Americans.

In a divided Congress, each party can point its finger at the other and say: “Obstructionist!”

The country has soured on obstructionist politicians and the Tea Party in particular.

Ronald Reagan, like Obama and unlike FDR, rarely bullied party renegades or obstructionist opponents.

And finally, this week, they saw that they can be something other than totally obstructionist, and the world will still spin.

Across the aisle, “obstructionist,” “waste of time,” and “37 times” kept popping up.

And you, sir, have lived an unimaginative obstructionist and never can hope now to emerge from it.

Sykes had been an obstructionist in the legislature during the war.

This one was very pretty, but an obstructionist nevertheless.

Viewed from the standpoint of the populace, he was a selfish, cross-grained old obstructionist.

During the Melbourne administration from 1835 to 1841 he figured conspicuously as an obstructionist in the House of Lords.


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