Antonyms for obituary

  • birth announcement
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And the words of his obituary notice at once began to dance before his eyes.

Well, are you set on keepin' that date in the obituary column, or will we have breakfast?

He sent the obituary of Ascalon, as he believed, ahead of him by wire.

We suffered a loss when it died, and it deserves this obituary notice.

My mother has been dead many years, for her name is in the obituary of the house.

I fell an easy victim to the obituary editor that first evening in the chalet.

Is there any obituary or biographical notice of him in existence?

The News and Courier had yards of obituary notice and verses.

This obituary was doubtless extracted from a Southern newspaper.

His obituary, which I wrote at the time of his death, is added at the close of this chapter.