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Increased investment in nuclear energy would be a big win for operators like Exelon Corporation and uranium miners.

From Time

France has nuclear energy and has benefited from it, but also has the problems now of aging nuclear power stations and the cost to the economy of getting rid of those.

It has a pair of nuclear energy levels that are close together.

Meeting this target will require rapidly converting as many fossil fuel-powered activities to electricity as possible, and then generating that electricity from low-carbon and carbon-free sources such as wind, solar, hydropower, and nuclear energy.

From Quartz

Nuclear clocks would be based on jumps between those nuclear energy levels, rather than those of electrons.

So the show has gone on a comic war against nuclear energy, Brazilian society, and American presidents.

But she also insists Japanese people want the country weaned off nuclear energy.

We want peace, security, and economic welfare, and we cannot forgo all of our other rights for nuclear energy.

A colony on the moon could use this as a source of oxygen, with power provided by nuclear energy or solar panels.

"You know, these people are civilized, if you don't limit the term to contragravity and nuclear energy," Harkaman said.

The Company doesn't want the natives here learning of the possibility of using nuclear energy for destructive purposes.

But now that the Europo-Americans have begun to release nuclear energy, fissionables have become more important than oil.

Romania must rely on foreign technical assistance for its nuclear energy program.

The best preparation for a career in nuclear energy begins with elementary arithmetic.


On this page you'll find 9 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to nuclear energy, such as: atomic energy, nuclear power, atomic power, fission power, fusion power, and nuclear fission power.

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