Antonyms for nobler

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It is a school of the moral sense, of the nobler passions, and also a temple of fame.

But Europe has ever shown, and now, her nobler men and higher destiny.

They say that they have never seen a nobler, more charming painting, and so forth.

In his nobler moods he feels that this is but to evade the difficulty.

Will it elevate his thoughts and desires to higher and nobler aims, or inspire him to "look from nature up to nature's God?"

Another and a nobler strain must be composed and sung by us.

To this nobler purpose the man of understanding will devote the energies of his life.

It has been said that "common souls pay with what they do, nobler souls with that which they are."

"I don't think that," said his father, whose nature was nobler than his son's.

But does not the courageous man also go to meet the better, and pleasanter, and nobler?