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nerve cell

noun as in cell of the nervous system

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Example Sentences

Each time the pig’s snout found a treat in a researcher’s hand, a musical jingle sounded, indicating activity in her snout-controlling nerve cells.

These pieces of misfolded proteins clutter together and are responsible for the death of nerve cells that eventually results in the first symptoms of dementia.

A whopping two-thirds of the nerve cells in an octopus reside in its arms, not its brain.

Right now, we’re working on a cortical slab of a human brain, where every synapse is identified automatically, every connection of every nerve cell is identifiable.

Creating these neural bridges might help researchers design better replicas of complex nerve cell networks in the brain.

Body of a nerve-cell of the spinal cord, specially stained so as to show the minute structure.

In every nerve-cell there is memory, and not only so, but there is memory in every organic element of the body.

In a word, the central nerve cell had sprung suddenly into clear view.

A most interesting body it proved, this nerve cell, or ganglion cell, as it came to be called.

In a word, it was shown that each central nerve cell, with its fibrillar offshoots, is an isolated entity.


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