Synonyms for nerve cell

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It is the signal "all is well," passed from one nerve cell to another.

Fig. 13 shows a nerve cell of a sparrow at the end of a day's activity and the same after the repose of a night.

It is a general rule of the nervous system that no nerve cell extends without a break from any sense organ to any muscle fiber.

The living protoplasm of the nerve cell has a gray color, so that wherever this shows we have what is commonly called gray matter.

A nerve impulse is a wave of electricity started and conducted by a nerve cell.

The function of the nerve cell is to produce movement, or to preserve it, or to direct it; ii is material like the cells.

A most interesting body it proved, this nerve cell, or ganglion cell, as it came to be called.

In the modified view, the nerve cell retains its old position as the storehouse of nervous energy.

Every nerve cell has two functions, one connected with sensation or motion, and the other with growth.