[ ni-goh-shee-eyt ]SEE DEFINITION OF negotiating

Synonyms for negotiating

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They're negotiating now with the Rothschilds to limit the output of the Rio Tinto mines.

A general fight began even while the two chiefs were negotiating.

He also succeeded in negotiating a treaty of amity and commerce.

It was said indeed that the Duke was negotiating with Burgundy for its surrender.

Suppose A and B are negotiating for the sale and purchase of a piece of land.

We have been engaged a long time in negotiating a cartel of exchange.

The proivisional government of Poland was the while negotiating with France and Austria.

Therefore I think that the time for negotiating has now arrived.

And now the British are negotiating with us; in fact, they opened up these negotiations.

It is said that we shall never get such an opportunity again for negotiating.


"to communicate in search of mutual agreement," 1590s, back-formation from negotiation, or else from Latin negotiatus, past participle of negotiari. In the sense of "tackle successfully" (1862), it at first meant "to clear on horseback a hedge, fence, or other obstacle" and "originated in the hunting-field; those who hunt the fox like also to hunt jocular verbal novelties" [Gowers, 1965]. Related: Negotiated; negotiating.