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On the contrary, she neglects it sadly, and is offensive from this neglect.

If we can't do anything but sin till we are regenerated, who is to blame for our sin, but He who neglects to regenerate us?

And no scheme of education can be a true success which ignores or neglects the necessity of producing.

Vocational Guidance for GirlsMarguerite Stockman Dickson

So, to adduce one other example, the public worship of God is holy work: no man can be living a holy life who neglects it.

He neglects also the sentiment of southern leaders who favored the measure.

The neglects—the disappointed hopes—the fears—and, above all, the jealousies!

It deprives him of all Providence, hence he neglects his affairs, vocation, and business.

Husbands have some rights as well as offspring; and the wife who neglects her husband for her babies does so at her peril.

Miss Billy MarriedEleanor H. Porter

Is not he who neglects to teach his son his duties, equally guilty with the son who fails in them?

So the wise man but little loves them, but woe to the fool who neglects the daughters!

Vivian GreyEarl of Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli


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