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noun as in chauvinism

noun as in patriotism

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It was speedy—Israel acted like many other Western countries, in what is known as a trend of vaccination nationalism.

The group’s purpose is to “educate the American people” about issues including “economic nationalism,” “social policy and respect for traditional American values” and “America First foreign policy,” among other issues, according to the filing.

In general it is responsible for the spirit of nationalism which so often sets the world aflame.

Presently, as many nations experience a resurgence of nationalism and exclusionary policies of walls and borders, the pandemic is a harsh reminder of the lived reality of our transnational interconnectedness.

A lot of the populism, nationalism in Western democracies is very much a result of those refugees flooding into those countries and overpowering the systems in those countries.

Individual governments took the lead, bankrolling most of the process in the name of competition and nationalism.

His policies helped engender the rise of an intolerant and severe nationalism that conflates piety with patriotism.

Btw, I'm not a fan of nationalism but happy Swiss day to you anyway.

MZ and her siblings were raised nothing, really, except to be skeptical about nationalism and organized religion.

Even in the smallest of Indian locales, the divisions of geography and nationalism are played out on a micro scale.

Mitchel and the great confessors of Irish nationalism would have laughed it to scorn.

Nationalism was taught in schools, emphasized by newspapers, preached and mocked and sung into men.

Nationalism more often represents the interests of the few rather than the many.

Nationalism has had a long trial with comparative freedom, and one of its grand finales is the present European war.

As long as such an extreme and pathological form of nationalism exists no permanent peace is probable, if not impossible.


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