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adjective as in having one color

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Second, the widespread red edges break up the graph, leaving fewer wide-open spaces that could end up getting filled in randomly by monochromatic cliques of another color.

This approach turned out to be a great way to avoid forming monochromatic cliques as the size of a graph grows.

They used a short proof to show that two-color Ramsey numbers must be smaller than an upper bound of 4t, where t is the size of the monochromatic clique you’re interested in.

Finally, he took the probability that one of them will yield a monochromatic clique and added it to the probabilities that any of the other 251 will produce the clique.

However, displays over 1,000 pixels per inch are monochromatic, and full-color displays remain challenging.

It was Gurung's use of warm hues that provided a refreshing breath of air amid the mostly monochromatic palette thus far.

Instead, the Republican Party had morphed into a winning, albeit monochromatic, coalition.

One editor who read an early submission referred to it as “monochromatic,” which clearly meant “boring.”

How could a supposedly savvy political operation assemble such a monochromatic room?

He portrayed Cecilia against a monochromatic background, holding a white ermine - an enigmatic feature with multiple meanings.

A long series of experiments was made on Amblyopsis and Chologaster to determine their reaction to white and monochromatic light.

If the light were strictly monochromatic, they would interfere.

With our lights, which are nearly monochromatic, there will be no interference, and that no matter how narrow the line.

You notice that in monochromatic light the rings run closer and closer together as they recede from the centre.

Now let us return to our slit, and, for the sake of simplicity, we will first consider the case of monochromatic light.


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