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Discovery and research of new molecular compounds is an expensive business, with development costs exceeding $10 billion per substance in some cases.

Since last spring, some cities have used molecular tests on sewage as an early warning system, since the amount of coronavirus in sewage can predict how many people will turn up in hospitals a week to 10 days later.

To understand why, we need to look at the molecular structure of cheese.

So you get allocated to therapy based on the mutations, the molecular genetics of your cancer.

It is, after all, SARS-CoV-2’s spike protein, a multifunctional molecular machine, that helps the virus break into our cells.

“Not everyone can do molecular tests, whereas anyone can do a finger stick,” he says.

I was lunching with an old friend at one of our favorite farm-to-table molecular gastronomy food trucks in Larchmont proper.

He plans to build his artificial brain from entirely the bottom up, starting at the molecular level.

Cas9 are the molecular scissors that cut out what he does not like: the normal CCR5 that welcomes in HIV.

As demonstrated in the end-credit sequence, Apocalypse is telekinetic and can use that power down to the molecular level.

The molecular weight of alcohol in dilute aqueous solution is the same as in vapor form.

The weights themselves give us directly their gram-molecular or molar weights.

Hence the number of grams of a given substance in a liter divided by its molecular weight represents its concentration.

The school's X-ray, an excellent one, had given him a complete picture of the molecular structure of the syrup.

Knowing the names of the syrup's ingredients, and what their molecular structure was like, was only the beginning.


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