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noun as in disparity

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Once the robot is built, a learning algorithm quickly refines the child brain to account for any potential mismatch between its new body and its inherited brain.

If you do violate this guideline, Google said “you will receive a 28-day warning to resolve these mismatches, otherwise your account will be subject to suspension at the end of the warning period.”

While it looks different because he is so big and unconventionally athletic, Jokic orchestrates, exploits mismatches and reads the defense as effectively as LeBron James or a prime Chris Paul.

This frequency mismatch creates a third tone that waxes and wanes in volume—but the catch is that the sound only exists in your brain.

If the genetic mismatch with the nuclear DNA is too extreme, the organelles may fail to work and will eventually be lost.

No law ever works out as planned, and the mismatch only grows with time.

The mismatch in superpower military strength in the region is eye opening.

Sander and Taylor say that this is exactly what mismatch theory would predict, because preferences cascade.

The unexpected result is that the less selective the school, the bigger the racial preferences, and the larger the mismatch.

The best argument against affirmative action is presented in Mismatch, by Richard Sander and Stuart Taylor.

On the other hand, a mismatch will clear the suspect completely and the detective will know to look elsewhere for the criminal.

It is hardly necessary to explain that a mismatch—of a young and an old person—is the usual pretext for a charivari.

The day of judgement is heralded by an ominous mismatch between overblown obligations and the trickling down of new money.


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