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Acceleration has been one of the words to which the coronavirus has given a whole new meaning.

Our language locks the meanings into place by the way that the things are combined together.

The more related the meanings of two words were, the closer their embeddings should be in the space.

The reform introduced new “neighboring” rights meaning that press publishers can recoup their investment when content is made available via news aggregators or media monitoring services.

The goal was to construct maps of the circuits across the brain that we rely on to understand the world, make meaning of our moment-to-moment experience, and respond to different situations.

It’s also about the books, shows, and movies that center and find meaning in what and how we eat.

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Regardless of whatever superior alternatives scientists come up with, mileage will endure because it has tangible physical meaning both inside and outside the narrow world of running obsessives.

Make these goals SMART meaning they should not just be distinct, but measurable, within reach, relevant, and time-bound.

Either way, claims that humans are uniquely able to understand the meanings of words are a bit worse for wear.

In a virtual SXSW session streamed from his home last week, Bhargava talked about these trends, how we can make the most of them, and how to find meaning amid chaos and confusion.


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