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She thought the idol would consume them, for bachelor cooking was never intended for bachelor invalids.
He hath chosen strong wood, and that will not rot: the skilful workman seeketh how he may set up an idol that may not be moved.
If a nation hath changed their gods, and indeed they are not gods: but my people have changed their glory into an idol.
I am due to attend at twelve-forty-five in the state temple, where we sanctify some new idol.
Buzot adored Madame Roland as the inspiration of his mind, as the idol of his worship.
At the head of the table sat Maillard, at that time the idol of the blood-thirsty mob of Paris.
For the girl grew to be beautiful and gentle, affectionate and sincere,—the idol of Valmonde.
There was still money in her purse, and her next temptation presented itself in the shape of a matinee poster.
Her flower in one hand and the umbrella making a bright halo round her, she looks like a little idol from overseas.
And on the five and twentieth day of the month they sacrificed upon the altar of the idol that was over against the altar of God.


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