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And the Lady Bedrulbudour also fell to looking and marvelling at the palace 499 and its magnificence.ALAEDDIN AND THE ENCHANTED LAMPJOHN PAYNE
We 43 lingered long near this statue of the great goddess of the Ephesians, marvelling wherein lay the secret of her power.ITALIAN DAYS AND WAYSANNE HOLLINGSWORTH WHARTON
Humbly marvelling, he did as she told him, but avoided all further risks.RAMSEY MILHOLLANDBOOTH TARKINGTON
He wore a smile; he repeatedly shrugged his shoulders, as though marvelling at his own folly.A DESPERATE CHARACTER AND OTHER STORIESIVAN TURGENEV
Weyburn still read the world as it came to him, by bite, marvelling at this and that, after the fashion of most of us.LORD ORMONT AND HIS AMINTA, COMPLETEGEORGE MEREDITH
Marvelling how they got there, she put a few handfuls of the oats into her pocket, and passed on into a second chamber.THE SCIENCE OF FAIRY TALESEDWIN SIDNEY HARTLAND
And none can read his investigation of the phenomena found in Iceland spar without marvelling at his insight and sagacity.TREATISE ON LIGHTCHRISTIAAN HUYGENS
On the mound she remained, sounding the great dyke with her lance and marvelling to find it so full and so deep.THE LIFE OF JOAN OF ARC, VOL. 1 AND 2 (OF 2)ANATOLE FRANCE
He looked upon her, tenderly marvelling to see in her at once the loveliest of children and of women—a woman with her first grief!THE DREAMERMARY NEWTON STANARD
And all this Sir Lionel beheld with very great wonder, marvelling much at the strength and prowess of that black knight.THE STORY OF THE CHAMPIONS OF THE ROUND TABLEHOWARD PYLE


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