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noun as in extraterrestrial

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An intrepid computer science student and his father cracked a coded secret message hidden within the pattern of the parachute that the rover used to descend onto the Martian surface.

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In addition to the stressors imposed by the middle stratosphere, that smaller container was filled with Martian pressure and gases.

A snippet of noise was made available that includes the sound of 5-mile-per-hour winds blowing through the Martian landscape.

The rover also captured audio from the surface of the Red Planet for the first time, including a gust of Martian wind.

The pair of photos showed the rover casting a shadow on the Martian landscape.

Perhaps the mysterious Martian methane, and its strange fluctuations, are part of that story.

And if the Martian methane is a real thing, it has some interesting implications.

However, several probes—most recently the Curiosity rover—have measured methane in the Martian atmosphere.

As fluent in drug trade jargon as Martian, Future peppers his lyrics with interstellar imagery befitting of his far out vocals.

Born in Flint, Michigan, Bragman says he was a “fat gay Jewish kid… who grew up to be a Martian.”

He had a lean, pale face and had been an astrogator until his heart left him in need of Martian gravity.

Drapes of velvety synthetic, dyed the deep green that Martian colonists like, covered the walls.

Only half a mile from historic Chandler Field, landing site of the first Martian expedition nearly fifty years ago in 1990.

Fat Boy, our clarinetist who doubles on Martian horn-harp, made a feeble attempt at optimism.

They passed a half-dozen wrecks thus, before coming to the Martian Queen.


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