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market price

noun as in quoted price

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That keeps the market price artificially low and reduces the incentives for companies to make the change we need to drive down emissions.

With help from friends in two different cities, each more than 100 kilometers away, he managed to procure four doses at market price.

How that is possible, if the same tax rate is applied across the board, comes down to the difference between the market price of a home and its value as assessed by city tax officials.

Across the country, in city after city, homes in low-income neighborhoods are systematically over-assessed relative to their actual market prices, while those in rich areas are under-assessed.

The sale through an “at-the-market” offering program, according to a regulatory filing, meaning the stock will be sold over time at prevailing market prices.

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This gives her again the upper hand, as she is seeking to fix a market price across all digital servicing for her work.

In general, even the most generous vouchers cover less than 75 percent of the market price for childcare.

Poaching fell off dramatically, and the black market price of ivory dropped.

There's no penalty for missing the window; you'll just have to get a new estimate, with the new market price.

Unfortunately, we don't have a market price on the lives we've ruined with harsh prison sentences.

But the market price of billets was the sole standard of wages in the Homestead mills.

Generally the market price at the time and place fixed by the contract or by law for delivering the goods, but not always.

Under unusual conditions the market price does not furnish the only test.

By this time the market price of his wares had gone up very much.

Jimmie, if the highest market price for a fool was one hundred dollars, you'd fetch two hundred.


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