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The insects deposit their eggs by myriads on the stalks of the reeds growing in and about the margins of the lakes.

They lie along the margins of the jaws and are confined to the premaxillae, maxillae and dentaries.

The Vertebrate SkeletonSidney H. Reynolds

The man who "goes broke" on "margins" finds no relief at his service on the Stock Exchange or among the brokers.

In the prairie region the early settlers found the country unwooded, except along the margins of the streams.

Outlines of the Earth's HistoryNathaniel Southgate Shaler

In the margins of these books are abundant references in handwriting to the whole range of classical authors.

As these dedicatory formulas are ordinarily brief there should be wide leading, good display, and care as to margins.

CapitalsFrederick W. Hamilton

Subspiracular line: in caterpillars, margins the spiracles inferiorly.

The margins of the carapace and abdomen are fringed with fine hairs, as are also most of the joints of the limbs.

The Sea-beach at Ebb-tideAugusta Foote Arnold

It may attack the discs at their margins, and spread inwards between the discs and the contiguous vertebræ.

Some of them like to write their opinions on the margins of the books.

A Book for All ReadersAinsworth Rand Spofford


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