Antonyms for males

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In 1674 they had but two hundred and fifty males in the whole tribe.

He slew all the males, and carried away all the women and children.

These varied somewhat but there was this great preponderance of males in every class but one.

This was a female of his kind, and it was a law of his kind that the males must not fight the females.

The other males, now useless, are all massacred in autumn by the working bees.

The females and young ran before him, even the males retreated.

In this genealogy, males are denoted by capitals, and females by small letters.

This community is in itself a monarchy, composed of a queen, of males which are the drones, and of working bees called neuters.

She was "pretty as a picture," all the males agreed upon that point.

They are lost or never gained by the males after emasculation.