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noun as in lava

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Both are clues that the volcanoes are connected by one big caldera, a massive crater that forms when a very large magma chamber in a volcano explodes and empties.

This internal melting created magma which, through a plumbing system, was thrust out as lava onto the crust.

Those elements were some of the last to crystalize out of the magma ocean that covered the young moon and can help reveal details of how that process happened.

At her experimental petrology lab at Jacobs-NASA Johnson Space Center, she subjects these samples to extreme pressure and temperature in “mini magma chambers” to recreate the conditions under which they formed.

They argue some local source of geothermal heat is needed, such as a magma chamber beneath the surface, to maintain a lake.

Underneath our feet tectonic plates shift, magma bubbles, water boils, and both regularly erupt.

When the volcano blew its top, thousands perished, immolated by fire, boiling magma, and ash.

Iron-heavy minerals are believed to have sunk through the magma before floating to the surface in a new form of mountain.

Like magma seeping up through geological faults, this emotion can explode in unexpected ways.

The magma drove upward, melting its way through the fractured rock of the channels under the western side of the island.

Scientists had arrived, too, and they were taking over much of the detail of keeping track of the magma.

When the shockwaves get down far enough to crack things open, the gas'll come up, and then steam and ash, and then the magma.

An average sugar centrifugal will separate 600 pounds of magma perfectly in three minutes.

Next morning the drained magma is put into a strong bag, and squeezed in a press.


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