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adjective as in pertaining to the moon

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Nearly all the lunar material currently in NASA’s possession was collected during the Apollo program.

Financially, the contract would make most sense for explorers already planning lunar trips.

From Fortune

Landing on the moon is neither cheap nor easy, and NASA will pay only for the lunar material that’s collected.

From Fortune

A $100 million privately funded Israeli mission to land on the lunar surface failed in April 2019.

From Fortune

Similar deposits of ice seem to dot the poles of our moon, where they could provide useful resources for future lunar explorers.

Tao Lin charts the path of lunar hamsters in search of some decent wifi sometime in the year 2027.

Chan was not among the Chinese authors whose opinion on the lunar landing Xinhua reporters sought.

Ramadan is based on the lunar calendar, so it moves back about 10 days each year.

The number of lunar cycles does not correspond easily to the number of seasonal ones.

She just wanted “the bird,” the rocket, to fly, and for Neil to get a chance to plant his moon boot on the lunar surface.

The continent of Europe-Asia would of itself appear larger than all the lunar surface which is visible to us.

Only in the southern ocean can the waters obey the lunar and solar attraction in anything like a normal way.

From the time of Solon the Attic months were lunar, composed alternately of 30 and 29 days.

Who is surprised to see lunar attraction raise the waters of the ocean and produce tides?

But Jinny had foreseen those mighty lunar motions that control the tides.


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