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A rocket is used to blast the payload, be it a nuclear weapon or a passenger spaceship, on a big looping trajectory into space before re-entering the atmosphere on the other side of the planet.

Gravitons react to themselves, generating looping, Escher-like equations.

These include a tower made of intricately looping tentacles, shown at Gallery B in February, and “David’s Hand,” in which similarly curving strands cohere into fingers and a thumb.

In his first matchup with Soto on Wednesday, Wainwright pounded him inside — throwing two cutters and a change-up — before evening the count to 2-2 with a looping curve.

As you move to hypergraphs with more and more vertices, the ways of arranging their looping edges multiply as well.

They were looping back around and coming down Tiebout Avenue when they spotted two figures.

And usually when you're looping a movie, if it takes two days, that's a lot.

The little, looping movie shows five young women cycling through a park in Berlin, and filming each other as they do so.

So here I sit, an old Beach Boys song looping through my head.

But when we reach the mountain, we see only a denuded plateau of looping ring roads and gray rubble.

Thereupon Mr. Selden recalled that meeting, and others, and his voice trailed like a snake in the dust, looping cryptic patterns.

Next they go to another department where, with the aid of a special looping machine, the heels and toes are stitched together.

Her hair, too, was simpler than usual, almost carrying out the childish idea with its soft looping away from the face.

The Lakeville captain seemed to catch the ball exactly in position for looping it toward the basket.

She bent her head and commenced her work again, looping up the worsted with desperate haste.


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