Antonyms for labelling

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What would you think of labelling such accommodations 'home?'

Captain Bendire's method of labelling his nests is also shown in full.

So to give room for labelling, the brooch should be changed to a bracelet.

Who in the world of London had been labelling him as ironic?

But that is no reason that we should immediately account for it by labelling it spiritism.

Children delight in chalking the blinds of their carriages in various colours and labelling them 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Class.

And Bzuquet, labelling liquorice and sirupus gummi, resembles an old sea-rover of the Barbary coast.

With such complete "labelling," little note-taking need be done in connection with the dissections.

Labelling a man "rescued" or "Christian" does not make another-world creature of him.

Of course not, you were labelling and pigeon holing all that you have thought of since sunrise!