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What more could one desire of him, I pray, Than just to hop around and stand for K?BOYS AND GIRLS BOOKSHELF; A PRACTICAL PLAN OF CHARACTER BUILDING, VOLUME I (OF 17)VARIOUS
Had he not meant the Fleet to shove in K. must have made some reference to the second Division, surely.GALLIPOLI DIARY, VOLUME IIAN HAMILTON
In writing K. I try to convey the truth in terms which will neither give him needless anxiety or undue confidence.GALLIPOLI DIARY, VOLUME IIAN HAMILTON
Well, to steer a middle course between my duty to my force and my loyalty to K. is not so simple as it might seem.GALLIPOLI DIARY, VOLUME IIAN HAMILTON
As a fighting unit they are on their last legs and when they will be set upon their feet again Lord K. knows.GALLIPOLI DIARY, VOLUME IIAN HAMILTON
If K. gets into a bad temper over the opening of my cable, its tail end should lift him out again.GALLIPOLI DIARY, VOLUME IIAN HAMILTON
Seems as if K. was beginning to come up against those political forces which have ever been a British Commander's bane.GALLIPOLI DIARY, VOLUME IIAN HAMILTON
Evidently K. felt ill at ease; evidently he must now be sitting at a round table surrounded by masked figures.GALLIPOLI DIARY, VOLUME IIAN HAMILTON
Curt as is the cable it has yet scope to show up a little more of our great K.'s outfit.GALLIPOLI DIARY, VOLUME IIAN HAMILTON
No one knows better than we do how much store K. sets on having all these messages addressed to him personally.GALLIPOLI DIARY, VOLUME IIAN HAMILTON


dissilientadjective | [dih-sil-ee-uhnt ]SEE DEFINITION