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adverb as in buoyantly

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A long, thin filament of cold, dense gas extends jauntily from the galactic center, connecting two of the galaxy’s spiral arms, astronomers report November 11 in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Serve with the cap perched jauntily on the edge of the hole so that guests may serve themselves.

From Eater

One moment he is bouncing along swinging his arms jauntily, clearly happy to be there.

At 10 sharp, they will lift musical instruments and, if all goes as planned, will play “Washington’s Grand March,” a jaunty old tune that dates to the early days of the country and honors George Washington.

Combined with the jaunty tune, you’d almost believe the robots are having a good time together if you didn’t know they’re just performing their programmed movements.

At one moment, he walks forward jauntily, as though walking onto a dance floor, at another he lifts one leg, then another.

Meanwhile, New York Magazine ran a jauntily satirical article—“Bro, Can You Spare, Like, Five Bills?”

He holds the Carcano rifle proudly, even jauntily, pointing its barrel toward the sky.

Springer jauntily replies, quickly adding that his tawdry syndicated show is probably a more accurate harbinger of the End Times.

And let's not forget death panels, Sarah Palin's jauntily inflammatory phrase for the "Independent Medicare Advisory Board."

Yet he feared to meet her eyes, and was glad of a saluting sepoy who swaggered jauntily past the open gate.

BOB (rather jauntily, as he leans back against the end of the sofa and feels for his cigarette-case).

A handsome French straw hat was set jauntily on one side of her head, and her long curls hung over her white neck and shoulders.

It might be a boy private with a sprig of early spring wild flowers jauntily stuck in his cap who waved at us.

Jack's tone was as flippant as ever, and he carried his handsome head as jauntily as if they were talking of the merriest themes.


On this page you'll find 4 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to jauntily, such as: briskly, cheerfully, gaily, and happily.

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