Antonyms for jagging

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


It has been known ever since as Goren's Dome, and a good-sized window, jagging the wall, admits one or two lookers at a time.

Cut it into long slips with a jagging iron, or with a sharp knife, and twist them into various fantastic shapes.

Then roll it out rather more than half an inch thick, and cut it into square cakes with a jagging iron or with a sharp knife.

Or you may cut it out into separate cakes with a jagging iron, previous to baking.

Roll thin, cut in oblong cakes with a jagging iron, or in any way to suit the fancy.

We are still in the age of the houppelande, the time of cut edges, jagging, big sleeves and trailing gowns.

Then he was sorry for the pride of it, and he pulled it down on his face, and whistled to stop his nose from jagging.

Roll some of the crust very thin, cut it into narrow strips, with a jagging iron, and lay it on the pie in a fanciful manner.

So exquisite is the sensibility, that to touch a hair of the head or beard, is like the jagging of needles into the body.

She did it in broad strokes, painting the walls of our bedroom with her blood, jagging all night through rant after rant.